Friday, April 15, 2011

Vacation or Lack of

We seem to be in more of a lacking mode lately. My hubby took two days of vacation just so he could crawl under our house and level our floors. Not what I call a great time. Fortunately it wasn't me under there.

Now that the floors are some what level we will have to learn how to walk again. It had gotten to the point if something spilled you just waited 5 minutes and let it settle on the low side of the kitchen. Sad but true. Now I may have a chance to catch the spill before it runs all the way across the room.

While the love of my life was doing the Army crawl under the house and slaving away. I felt like I should cary my own weight and slave away also. So I worked on this.

It didn't matter how many hours I had to slave away on this I knew it would be worth it.  Whatever! Took me l0 minutes. Ha Ha.

Now I can tell the hubby we both worked hard today. Think he'll believe me?

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