Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have a natural tendency to avoid change. At least any change that affects my emotional life. I don't mind changing up a room or my outfit. But if you ask me to step outside of my box ...WHOA!.... not gonna happen. At least not by choice.

Well you know Gods kinda funny about things you don't like to do. HE MAKES YOU DO IT ANYWAY.

When my husband and I first got married I was the girl that had a day planner for her day planner.

I now go day by day and change my plans half way through.

I like having my husband home every night for supper.

His new position now requires him to work till 9pm.

I needed to work full time to feel like I was contributing to the family.

I'm now a stay at home mommy. ( which I love )

This newest change with my husbands job is going to take lots of prayer and patience. We are taking each day hour by hour to try and see what works best for us. My children do not like having their daddy away at night but they are handling it well. I think in some ways they may be taking it better than I am.

I am grateful for my life, family, home and my husband.

Each day will bring me a new adventure and I plan on meeting it with a smile.

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